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Fundamental legal rights need to be enforced as they relate to such basic necessities as nutrition, health, shelter, income, education and protection from violent physical abuse.
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ITMatchOnline, is a Business to Business portal having members who have been leading employment law practitioners, representing hundreds and hundreds of clients in unlawful termination, discrimination and unfair dismissal cases. Their vast experience representing employees in these disputes means that ITMatchOnline, members have extraordinary insight into why disputes occur, and how they might have been resolved sooner. They understand management issues and business needs, and the dynamics of employee conflict.

You will know that staff turnover, even at minimal levels, is a huge cost to any organization; recruiting, training, loss of organizational knowledge, to say nothing of the cost of any legal liabilities that may arise. But worse than that; high turnover is a very strong indicator that something is very wrong in the organization. ITMatchOnline, members have a comprehensive understanding of what drives unhappy, angry employees and employers. There is a pattern in many of these cases. By and large, most of these cases could have been avoided by employers with access to the type of support, analysis and advice they offer.

All employers should have practical polices in place that employees and managers understand, together with fully functional systems for dealing with any issues that arise. ITMatchOnline, Members can give you an “Organizational health check” - ensuring your obligations and duties as an employer are fulfilled, legally compliant, and functioning effectively, with emphasis on policies directed at preventing discrimination, sexual harassment and bullying. This check can be as brief or as detailed as you require. Many organizations have policies and procedures in place – but they don’t work for any of a number of reasons. Make these service providers an integral part of your sound risk-management strategy.

These service providers can assist all employers including Small and medium businesses, Big businesses, Federal, State and Local Government.

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