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Fundamental legal rights need to be enforced as they relate to such basic necessities as nutrition, health, shelter, income, education and protection from violent physical abuse.
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International law

ITMatchOnline, members have represented their clients around the world in all of their international endeavors. To assist their clients in international matters, they have affiliations and ongoing working relationships with law firms around the globe, and, since the earliest years of the firm, a rotating basis of lawyers on staff from other countries to help them meet clients' needs. Many of these lawyers have risen to become partners in law firms abroad. In addition, their lawyers are fluent in several languages and have lived abroad gaining familiarity with Latin American, European, and Asian cultures and legal systems.

ITMatchOnline, members’ objectives, regardless of the type or size of a matter, are to represent their clients as effectively as possible. To do this, they utilize the appropriate level of skills and experience to ensure both quality work and efficiency. Their extensive foreign language capabilities and knowledge of different cultures and legal systems allow them to better understand the particular needs of their international clientele, and to translate that knowledge into the effective and efficient resolution of problems and attainment of objectives.

ITMatchOnline, members’ experience indicates that timely information on new developments pertinent to international business, as well as good contacts, are often valuable complements to the specific legal advice received from lawyers. For this reason, they devote special effort to collect and relay information they believe it would be useful to their clients. They also follow the progress of clients' activities and, when able and appropriate, furnish suggestions and seek to make contacts accessible to them.

A brief summary of select areas for international clients follows:

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