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Fundamental legal rights need to be enforced as they relate to such basic necessities as nutrition, health, shelter, income, education and protection from violent physical abuse.
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Law and litigation

ITMatchOnline, Members find creative ways to resolve their clients' disputes. If those disputes cannot be settled, they work hard with their clients to achieve their goals by litigating cases quickly and economically. ITMatchOnline, members are based and have presence in all major cities of India. ITMatchOnline,’s Members have a vast experience in every aspect of private and commercial litigation, and are well regarded.  They have handled more than several hundreds litigations at courts in India. ITMatchOnline, members advice clients in every kind of litigation. They have advocates & Attorneys on their panel who are highly experienced, well recognized in India to handle your litigation.  They have represented and advised, on one hand, the Government of India and many State Governments and, on the other, large Public and Private Corporation.

Taking advantage of their presence all over the world to appear before District Courts, Tribunals, Commissions, High Courts and the Supreme Court of India and have been involved in various kinds of matters such as:

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