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Copyright and patent

If you are looking out for patent application drafting, infringement, invalidity, Freedom-to-Operate analysis, competitive intelligence studies or patent litigation preparation, you are at the right place.ITMatchOnline, is a business to business portal providing patent and copyright related outsourcing solutions.You can outsource any kind of patent and copyright related work to the ITMatchOnline, associated outsourcing service providers.These service providers offer specialized and customized services in Electronics, Telecommunications, IT, Biosciences, personal care and many other fields.

Patent Services:

They offer patent searching and analysis services at various levels.The services are provided by experienced patent agents specially trained in performing patent searches on free and paid databases and having education background and domain experience in the client's specific area of technology.

Their patent search services include:

These outsourcing service providers also offer high quality patent filing, drafting and prosecution services.They have experienced teams of patent agents having Ph.D., Masters and Engineering degrees to deliver such services.

Copyright Services

These outsourcing service providers also offer copyright and trademark registration services, which include searching, filing, prosecution, responding to reports, appearance before trademark office and acquiring registration certificate.They provide all related services such as trademark watch, opposition, maintenance and so on.

These service providers service their respective clients in a more cost efficient manner.From a service quality standpoint, they ensure protection of intellectual property and minimize the likelihood of litigation.From a cost perspective, they minimize not only the dollar costs incurred by the attorneys to whom they deliver their services, but also the time incurred by the attorneys and their clients.In doing so, they support the clients in growing their patent prosecution practices and maximizing the profits realized from their Intellectual Property.

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