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Trademark law

Intellectual property: The acquisition and protection of IP rights represents the initial-and perhaps most critical-stage in developing the full value of any company's portfolio of IP assets. It is at this stage that clients can benefit the most from ITMatchOnline, members’ coordinated and comprehensive approach, and where they can stay assured that their IP rights will be protected in the best way to facilitate the long-term commercial development and enforcement of their IP portfolio assets.

Using their collective experience in a team approach, they provide forward-looking strategic counsel to clients across many industries regarding the types of protection available for a given technology or creative work.

Trademark: is a visual symbol in the form of a word, a device or a label applied to articles of commerce with a view to indicate to the purchasing public that they are goods manufactured or otherwise dealt in by a particular person or a particular organization. A trademark tries to distinguish the goods or services of an individual trader or company from others competitors. As per the Madrid agreement the two main requirements of a Trademark are that it must be distinctive and not deceptive.

A trademark will be registered only if it is distinctive, that is to say, it must be adapted to distinguish the goods of the applicant from the goods of the others. Distinctiveness may be inherent in the mark itself like invented words, non-descriptive words, non- descriptive devices etc.

Trademarks being territorial rights require national registration for protection. They have to be registered in each territory separately. It has to be registered in the Trademark Register of each country. The general principles are same but procedural differences exist between different national systems. In some countries the information required is more tedious whereas in others more straightforward depending upon the socio-economic conditions prevailing in the country.

The attorneys of ITMatchOnline, members’ database focus exclusively on protection of new ideas and business identities. They assist business entities into protecting their logos, brand name, design, symbol, phrase, USP line and trademarks.

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